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About us

We are people like you, who year after year enjoyed an IPTV service looking for something better than conventional. But we noticed something that intrigued us, since it was not easy to get good service of this type.


The big problem was that when contracting IPTV on a website it was generally not the best, since although they offered many channels and movies, it was not stable because after a while it no longer worked 100%.


So It was how the CEO and our team decided to provide the world with a better IPTV that can offer great stability.

EterBox is the Name that our team decided on because it comes from the word "Ether" which scientists used to describe the medium through which all energy propagates. On the other hand, there is the word "Box" which in English refers to a TV. So EterBox means a way which you can enjoy all the best entertainment.

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Our team

*Diagram for illustrative purposes

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